Culture at Marcus & Millichap Company


Exceptional People

Marcus & Millichap Company was founded on the belief that exceptional human capital is the driving force behind business innovation. The connection between our employees, capital partners, clients, and communities in which we develop and invest is as vital to success as the business model itself. From the unique bond and partnership between our co-founders George M. Marcus and William A. Millichap that endured for almost 50 years, to the countless executives and partners that began their careers as entry-level employees within our companies, a sense of family is the foundation of our success. Most notably, the Marcus & Millichap family continues to grow stronger each day.

Expanding Our Potential – The Ultimate Measure of Success

Our companies foster a distinct corporate culture that blends an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit and competitive drive with a focus on professionalism, integrity, accountability, and results. We strive to outperform our own potential as the ultimate benchmark of success while focusing externally on being the leading organization in each category of commercial and residential real estate in which we operate.

We Have Transformed the Industry Because Our People Have Transformed Our Companies

Above all, our culture is defined by the flexibility to match individuals' strengths with business opportunities. Hence, numerous business initiatives and some of our companies were conceived around the talent and career desires of our people. Rewarding exceptional performance is another cornerstone of our culture. We have a tradition of recognizing and rewarding individuals beyond just short-term financial results which at times are not indicative of above-and-beyond results against adverse market conditions and business challenges.

A Culture Defined by Loyalty and Integrity

Simply stated, our culture fosters a tight-knit community of achievers and leaders. We have proven that the true test of a strong culture is the natural way in which mutual loyalty emerges between people and companies.

Culture at Marcus & Millichap Company